The Critics Agree! Reviews Matter!

Just like the old movie reviews of old – ala Siskel and Ebert – critics all agree: Reviews are vital to the success of your service or product. Not just to establish a two-way dialogue with customers for retention or service issues, but more to visibly show the digital community that you operate a business … Continue reading

“We Sell Things” (Yeah? So What?)

There it was, on an $6,000 per month billboard located along the heavily-traveled highway, screaming out in big bold letters: “WE SELL TRUCKS!” Under that, was the dealership name.¬†Nothing more. Good job there, local auto dealership. Of course, I thought: You do sell trucks. Why not? You’re supposed to. After all, you’re an automotive store … Continue reading

TAG! Are YOU It??

Remember the old schoolyard game of Tag, You’re It? ‘Tags’ play a big role nowadays in your Internet presence, and the ability of folks to find your product or locate your business.¬† When your page, post or other digital item is placed on-line, it’s important that each carry a number of appropriate and keyword-directed metatags. … Continue reading

Have You Checked Your Customer Touch Points Lately?

Would you recognize a Customer Touch Point if it came up and bit you in the proverbial hiney? Or, off the top of your head, would you know how many CTPs (customer touch points) your business has at any given moment? Have you counted them lately, or wondered if they are really doing their marketing … Continue reading